Monday, July 14, 2014

Peter Doocy doesn't belong on Fox News

Nepotism is alive and well on Fox. Peter Doocy didn't need to start at the bottom and work his way up, why go through all of that when your dad can pull some strings and get you a gig on a top rated national news broadcast right out of college.  I can't help but shake my head in disappointment each and every time I see the no-talent son of Fox and Friends morning co-anchor Steve Doocy's covering a story.

Steve Doocy must have embarrassing photos of Fox chief Roger Ailes, because Roger is the consummate professional when it comes to running a news program.  He knows that the heavy weight talent that people tune in to for their news should not include a snot nosed, wet-behind-the-ears greenhorn like Peter Doocy.

This kid looks like Richie Cunningham of 'Happy Days' trying to act like Walter Cronkite.  It just doesn't work.  The kid has as much talent and looks as anyone off the streets, but unlike Joe Average, he has clout in his dad pulling for him to keep him on the air.

Remember these Fox guys hammering Chelsea Clinton when she got her short lived NBC gig?  Remember them saying the very same thing I am saying about Peter when reporting on this blatant nepotism in Chelsea's hiring, relying on dear ol' mom and dad to pull some strings at NBC?  I recall Steve Doocy ticking off the many low rent TV gigs he had prior to Fox and Friends, and that nobody handed him the job without putting in his dues as a  weather guy in Dented Pig, Wyoming, then moving up to a larger audience in Butte, Montana, etc.  (no, these are not really Steve Doocy's early gigs, but you get my point).

Note to Roger Ailes: unless Steve Doocy really does have those aforementioned photos, you need to dump his rookie son and get someone on air with some street cred.  And looks.  And talent.  You know, somebody who paid their dues.

For what it's worth.


Z said...

Every time I see Peter, I think he's doing a fair job.
I need to look closer!

Fredd said...

Z: it's not that little Peetie can't read a teleprompter as good as the next guy. He can.

But is he the BEST that Fox can come up with and reward their talents with a coveted national news gig with absolutely no resume right out of college? Has little Peetie got those standard chiseled good looks? No. Deep, dulcet baritone voice? No. Sculpted, buffed physique? Not even close.

Daddy pulling strings? You betcha.

Rob said...

I'm surprised more haven't commented on this one. I, too, have been bothered by seeing fresh out of college Peter Doocy on Fox. While his classmates went on to low-rent jobs in little towns, he started at the big time. I really think this is a reflection on his father, it really takes Steve's integrity down a notch. Not fair at all!