Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict - guaranteed to work.

This conflict has been going on since 1948: vagrant Arabs see Jews as making something of their desert they moved into that was formerly infrequently inhabited by migrant Bedouins. And even these Bedouins didn't stay in one place in the desert that is now Israel for very long.  It was just too desolate.

Now it is an industrial and political powerhouse.  And the vagrant Arabs want it back.  'Right of return' my butt.  Nobody to speak of ever lived there before Israel was formed, and everyone knows it.  These vagrant Arabs who now call themselves Palestinians were in reality Jordanians, Lebanese, Egyptians and Syrians.  They were never Palestinians, ever.  There was no Palestine, other than the area that consisted of western Jordan, northern Egypt, southern Syria and later on, southern Lebanon.  There was no country called Palestine.  There just wasn't.  

But now, these angry Arabs have sworn to wipe Israel off the map, nothing less, and take back Palestine (which they never owned to begin with), now that Israel has put the energy and money into the land to make something of it, where before it was nothing but a desolate wasteland.  

There can be no peaceful co-existence.  There never will be.

Solution?  Easy, piece o' cake.  Let the conflict begin in earnest. Let the combatants loose, and let the bullets fly.  May the best army win.  And the winning army will not win by avoiding civilian casualties.  The winning army will decimate the other's will to fight once it has demonstrated that it can annihilate them.  

Works every time it's tried.  Always has, always will. May the invention of the 'surgical strike' pass into oblivion as the surest way to lose a war in the long term.

Just let 'er rip.  Like I said, may the best army win.


Kid said...

You know there is no way that muslums will ever live peaceably on this planet. They are sworn to convert or kill everyone else by their "religion". The planet isn't big enough for the two of us - civilized and muslum.

Israel/Pale is just the tip of the iceberg.

Fredd said...

Yes, you are of course correct. There are two kinds of people in the world from a Muslim point of view: Muslims and infidels.

And we all know what the prophet commands Muslims to do to infidels who do not convert.

Nope, no peace, ever. But they will never prevail, since they eschew all things Western, and will never gain a technological advantage; Islam hasn't come up with a decent invention in over a thousand years. Nor are they even trying. On the contrary, they are striving to return everyone to the Stone Age.

Just like the Neanderthals. They had the brute strength, and even a wimpy Neanderthal could mop the floor with even the strongest Cro Magnon.

But they never got the hang of those new fangled slings and such, to their demise.

Kid said...

Agreed Fredd, as long as we wake up in time.