Sunday, May 20, 2012

OWS protesters = Life's Losers

In Chicago, the teeming mobs of malcontents, misfits and general human debris have all one common goal.  No, that goal is not the dissolution of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), the anachronistic dinosaur of an alliance whose purpose was to deter a Soviet invasion into Europe.  The Soviets have long since disappeared, but sadly NATO is still alive, breathing and consuming mega-billions of US dollars while essentially doing nothing.

And even though I agree that the dissolution of NATO is indeed a worthy endeavor, the OWS (occupy wall street) movement has really nothing to do with politics, nothing at all.  The one main common goal of the OWS movement is strictly economic in nature.  The typical member of this mob is a disaffected soul who finds him or herself on the outs of the fabric of our society.  They are either fat, ugly, lazy, stupid, mentally retarded or criminal (or any combination thereof), and accordingly have been shunned by polite society.  They can't seem to obtain employment, and if they do they can't quite figure out how to advance within the system and stubbornly remain at the bottom of the ladder in perpetuity. 

As a disaffected soul, they can't afford some of the finer trappings of being a contributing member of the community, such as a relatively recent model of car or truck, own perhaps a 'starter' home, or even possess a formal business suit or ensemble.

Accordingly, that one main goal is simple for these losers in life: stick it to 'the Man,' find a way to extort money from 'the Man,' mainly through intimidation and property damage, or otherwise find ways to gain assets through terrorism and threats of violence rather than earn it in any responsible manner.

These protesters are nothing but the bottom layer within our society, the dregs of the system.    Additionally, if these losers think that they can prevail with their cheesy, tired slogans and insults over a well armed, trained and prepared police force in any kind of confrontation, then the case for irreversible brain damage on the part of these imbeciles is certainly bolstered.  Nothing good can happen when a law breaking idiot shoves a policeman on alert.  Nothing good at all for the stupid perp, that is.   If they think that they can change the fabric of America and its base in capitalism via the chucking of a few Molotov cocktails here and there, they are sadly mistaken.

And being sadly mistaken is the basic way of life for such losers as the OWS crowd,  it's what they do: botch things up, create a disaster area everywhere they have ever been, and then subsequently wonder why life has passed them by.

Idiots, cretins and fools, the lot of them.  That or irreversible brain damage, it's hard to tell the difference.


Silverfiddle said...

Yeah, they could have simply boiled their message down to "We want free stuff!" At least if would have been coherent.

Kid said...

The ones that cover their faces crack me up. Like the man is gonna record their face, find out who they are and send a black helicopter down.

Shows how self-important they think they are. And right, they won't even be a footnote in history.

Fredd said...


Like babies: 'feed me!'

Fredd said...


You're right. These guys are pathetic. The black helicopters wouldn't waste a single gallon of black helicopter gas on any one of them.

innominatus said...

Rumor has it that Chicago cops are particularly adept at crackin' hippie skulls. With a thug like Rahm for a boss, I could see this going very poorly for the occudorks.

Fredd said...


Chicago cops are as good with their batons as Stravinski is with a violin.

It's an art. Looks like Rahm's boys only conked 8 hippies during this NATO tiff, an off year as far as skull crackin' goes...

Z said...

Kid cracked me up !"The ones that cover their faces crack me up. Like the man is gonna record their face, find out who they are and send a black helicopter down."

Don't you love how the talk show lefties on FOX are constantly saying "well, those people who wanted to blow the bridge up aren't really OWS people, they're fringe people... every group has those"

But not Tea Party people, of course...every NAZI sign NUT was "definitely a typical Tea Party person" @#$(*&@#(*&


Fredd said...


The double standards that the lefties foist on us are simply incredible, but are really only meant for their own dummies of their base.

The rest of us know how this works.