Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Conservatives have a patriotic duty to pay $6.00/gallon for gas

Yes, you read that correctly: it is our patriotic duty as American conservatives to buck up, bite the bullet and dig deep, deep down into our skinny wallets and cough up $6.00 per gallon for gasoline perhaps as early as the Labor Day weekend (and two months before election day).

I say this because there is no other single solitary motivating factor that will sink an incumbent president than John Q. Public getting gouged at the gas pump.  This assault on our wallets is not isolated to only rich, racist homophobic, intolerant Republicans. 

Far from it.

The dumbest, most imbecilic Democrat voter who makes a bag of hammers look like Einstein is screaming bloody murder even now at a measly $3.83 per gallon, when he has to pop for a full tank of gas to the tune of $70 or more.  Even though Obama has all of this hope and change going for him in the minds of these dumb Democrats, high gas prices hit home with everybody, regardless of party affiliation. 

Most Americans know the basics of oil supply and the prices of gasoline: the more oil out there, the  lower the prices.  Every action the Obama regime has taken so far has blocked increasing the domestic supply of oil, he has restricted drilling in the Gulf, has issued no new drilling leases on federal lands, and incredibly has blocked the construction of the Keystone pipeline that would transfer millions of barrels of oil from Canada to Texas. 

All of these moves to block oil exploration, discovery and extraction are factors in jacking up the price of gas at the pump, and even the dumbest of the dumb Democrats can see it.  There's no spinning what everybody faces each time they pull up to the pump: Obama is causing gas prices to skyrocket.

And with gas at $6/gallon, he will lose to whatever GOP candidate is on the ballot in November in an historic landslide of epic proportions.  With Obama destroying the economy and what is left of our country the way it was founded, any patriot worth his salt should support his ouster, at any cost.

And we conservatives want to ensure this eventuality, since nothing we say or do about any other issue will sway Democrats more than this single solitary fact: $6/gallon gas is a death blow to any incumbent in the White House. 

Even Barrack Hussein Obama.  It is our patriotic duty to see to it that Obama goes down in a landslide, and if it takes paying $6/gallon for gas, then I will cough it up all the while singing 'God Bless America.'

Then once a responsible adult (any GOP warm body) assumes the Oval Office, and starts doing the right things regarding oil prices, watch as prices plummet much like Obama's current approval ratings.


innominatus said...

I think I'll do burnouts around the organic food co-op. That way I'll run out of gas faster and need to refuel more often. Which drives up demand... Which drives up prices... Which drives barry back to Chicago!!!

With the added benefit of it annoying the hippies!!

Fredd said...


When you're done laying rubber all over the parking lot of the co-op, make sure you park your gas guzzling 1968 Dodge Charger (with 428 cubic inch hemi) sideways in the parking spaces reserved for hybrid cars.

The hippies really love that.

Kid said...

I'd rather we drive barry back to Kenya

Silverfiddle said...

The dems will blame Bush, and the dim dem voters will buy it...