Sunday, August 15, 2010

Poll indicates most Americans think securing the border impossible

A recent poll indicated that 61% of those polled thought that securing the southern U.S. border was impossible.
The current border is simply a dotted line drawn on a map. Less than 2% of the border has fencing or other physical barriers that prevent illegal entry from Mexico. It is true that all an intruder must do to enter the United States currently is to walk across an unprotected area in any of the border states (California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas). No need to buy and airline ticket, or board a boat or submarine. Just walk across. That's it.
The same is true in China. Just walk across. There's no fence there, either. But there is one big, BIG difference: in the People's Republic of China, it is a crime to enter their country, and those who do so without permission from the Chinese government do so at great risk to their lives, if not their freedom.
China has borders between themselves and Russia, North Korea, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, Laos and Vietnam. Thousands and thousands of miles. Thousands and thousands. And along those thousands of miles of border there is not a foot of fencing, zilch, zero, nothing to prevent anyone from walking right into China. Nothing except the fear of breaking Chinese law, and ending up disappearing without a trace, or winding up in a Chinese prison for years if not decades (if not life).
Nobody enters China. Nobody. Or at least nobody enters China without permission. And if they do, they pay dearly.
What's the difference? China enforces its borders with stiff penalties, including death. The U.S. lays down the welcome mat, and provides all comers (read: invaders) with social security benefits, health care benefits, free public education, access to public transportation systems, public parks, and free public (enter the freebie of your choice here).
And we think its impossible to secure our borders? Nothing to it. Position a few machine gun turrets here and there, detect an invader or two and gun them down, and eliminate their threat to our border security. It wouldn't be long before our border is rock, solid secure. Without fences.
Piece o' cake. Works like a charm in China. It would work here, too.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


They did not include me in that poll!

I got into a debate at work on this subject and it got very heated after I was asked how I would solve it, I suggested EXACTLY what you do to stop the invasion.

The idiots response (if you can call it that) was and I quote "Well what if they made a law against goatee's" (I sport a goatee), that's it? I responded by reminding him that one, I was born in the U.S. and two, if a mexican was sporting a goatee and tried to enter he would be the first one i would shoot! He walked away in a huff.

During the entire 'thing' all the subject matter you site was raised and not one valid counter-point came from this individuals mouth, he was in way over his head being he was ruled by emotion and not intelligence.

The left does simply does not understand the term DETERANCE.

Chris W said...

Well put Fredd.

Even Mexico uses strict enforcement and harsh prison terms to keep their southern border secure, but you don't hear none of that from the pro-amnesty crowd.

Silverfiddle said...

Maybe they see that our government can't even grasp basic budgeting and conclude border security is beyond its grasp...

Fredd said...

Christopher: arguing with liberals is pointless when they don't understand that logic has to enter the picture at some point.

So I try not to argue with those morons, but I don't succeed all the time.

Fredd said...

Chris W:

Not only Mexico, but MOST countries in the world that are not run by liberals (like us, the Canucks, France, Great Britain, among others) shoot first, and ask questions later.

Fredd said...


I wonder if the poll question was 'do you think that it's possible for THIS administration to seal our southern border?'

Then I would understand the poll results, although the results of that poll question should be 100%, not a measly 61%.

Trader Rick said...

Uh, Who in their right mind wants to emigrate to CHINA?????

Fredd said...

Trader Rick:

The grass is always greener, as they say. Who would want to emigrate to China?

Millions of folks would love to get in on all of that mfg activity going on there: Laotians, Burmese, North Koreans, Pakis, I could name a few million more, Rick. But they won't set foot across that dotted line border: they know that if they cross that border, they will likely end up in a shallow grave. Deterence, Rick. And none of those Laotians and others are 'out of their minds.' They, like Mexicans, are just dirt poor and want a better life.