Monday, August 16, 2010

Pakistan: when you bite that hand that feeds you

Perhaps as many (or more) than twenty million (that's 20,000,000) Pakistanis are now homeless and destitute owing to the annual flooding that occurs at this time every year. This year, the flooding is greater than normal, and estimates place about 20% of the country under water.
So far, no significant global effort is underway to help these suffering multitudes, other than a pitiful (yet typcial) effort on the part of the United Nations. Yes, some mention of their plight has made the news, but the focus on this naturual disaster is nowhere near other recent disasters such as has befallen the earthquake victims of Haiti, or the sunami victims of Thailand a few years ago.
Former U.S. presidents (Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush) have teamed up to spearhead relief efforts on behalf of both of those stricken populations. Why the indifference to the suffering multitudes in Pakistan? Are these unfortunate souls in Pakistan less deserving of a global response than others whom have suffered catastrophies meted out by Mother Nature recently?
Arguably, the affects of this flooding have devastated the lives of many times the population of other disasters that have made the news of late. Maybe the population of Pakistan is less sympathetic than others of similar fates. Shortly after the 9/11 attacks on the U.S. by Islamic fanatics, we all watched scenes of Pakistanis and Palestinians dancing in the streets in celebration of the nearly 3,000 dead Americans. Recall recent polls of Pakistanis recording their overwhelming hatred of the West and the U.S. in particular lately. Pakistan is the home of countless terrorists and their support groups. Pakistan is reportedly the current refuge of Osama bin Laden, the world's most dispicable, hated and notorious terrorist.
Pakistan is one of the most unliked and unsympathetic countries in the world today. They are the recipients of countless millions/billions in foreign aid (one of their primary sources of GDP), and yet they hate everyone and harbor terrorists who plot death and destruction for Western and Indian targets even as I write this. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. This failed nation and society is a blight on civilization.
Pakistan should not count on Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush putting together an aid package for them. This country has always been a disaster, is currently a disaster, and always will be a disaster.
There is no hope for a prosperous Pakistan in the future. There never will be.
May God have mercy on Pakistan. But, alas, I suspect that Pakistan is God forsaken.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Pat Robertson should have held his breath until this disaster.

The_Kid said...

I saw your title, and it is exactly what I think every time I read a headline on the news page about it.

How many million Pakistanis cheered on 9-11 ???

And they and the UN are disappointed in the money flow from the West.

Jumpin Catfish.

Fredd said...

Christopher: I also excoriated Haiti many posts ago, and cited Pat Robertson as well.

But, all of this bears repeating, right?

Fredd said...

Kid: Exactly. With the bite marks inflicted by the Pakis flowing blood from our feeding hands, the Pakis want to know why the funds are not flowing like their flood waters?


Silverfiddle said...

Screw 'em!

I was in Afghanistan when the Kashmir quake hit and I was set to go. We brought in all kinds of commo and humanitarian stuff, but the Pakistanis told us NO. No boots on the ground. We were "allowed" to drop the supplies (with no US markings) or deliver them to the government, that's all.

Can't have Pakistanis seeing we are not the devils their government keeps telling them we are.

I'll end like I began: Screw 'em!

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Yes Fredd, I am aware of that paticular post and agree it bears repeating.

I love how U.S. Sec. of State Clinton kicked-off the donation campaign for flood relief in Pakistan,,,$10,,yep, just ten buck's.

Although I do not believe one thin dime should go to them, that was the weakest 'outreach' to a moslem nation that this regime could muster.

Yet another failed policy and an embaressment

Fredd said...


I whole heartedly concur with your conclusion: 'screw 'em.' Well said.

WomanHonorThyself said...

the money given in former earthquakes were all stolen and surprise there!..great work!

The_Kid said...

So, I just read that 'Pakistani-Americans' are saying no mas to sendign money back home to the brothas.... because they know the money will end up in the hands of the radicals.

Fredd said...


Virtually everyone knows a nasty snake pit when they see one; even the progeny of that snake pit.

Reaganite Republican said...

Looks like Elbonia in Dilbert, lol

And Fredd... what "Monte Carlo comments" were you refering to at my place...?

Joe said...

Pakistan's imitation government is incapable of understanding why countries they have snubbed are now snubbing them.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Anonymous said...

We should never use tax dollars for any foreign aid. If private citizens want to donate to various relief efforts, that fine, but a government with that is trillions in debt has no business diverting funds to foreign aid.

Fredd said...


Absolutely. Darwinism lives; the Pakis through their behavior have likely eliminated millions of themselves from participation in the gene pool.

Fredd said...


Your economic argument against foreign aid is sound, as is the notion that you just can't buy friends; 'true' friends. Phony friends can be picked up on the cheap.

Susannah said...

Wow, Fredd. This is a very well-written piece; very well-written. I confess, and heaven help me, but as I read, I found myself hoping that all those caves are under water too, & those terrorist training camps, & hate-filled madrassa schools (which, btw, our current pres. attended...) Heaven help us.

Fredd said...


I agree with you, maybe this is what Pakistan needs: a good rinsing to cleanse the place of low lifes.

Of which there a few hundred million, give or take.

Silverfiddle said...

Upon further review (and after going to church) I must revise my "Screw 'em" comment.

I pray for those who are suffering from this flood.

I still direct an angry "screw 'em!" to their government, military and the diabolical religious bigots over there who would rather see people die in misery than to be aided by the infidel US.

Fredd said...


Of those Pakis that would rather see death of their own than accept western aid, that percentage is very, very high.

This country's population is exceptionally self destructive.

Much like the Palestinians, and Abba Eban's accurate missive adapted to Pakistan, 'the Pakis have never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity."

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Hey Fredd: Great minds think alike, especially if you read the comments in this post I wrote earlier this month:

The Failed State of Pakistan.

Amusing Bunni said...

I wouldn't give them 10 cents! I agree w/ Trestin too, NO TAX MONEY for all these disaster areas in foreign places, especially jerks that hate America as much as these low life jerks do. What do they expect, after they
"Bite the hand that feeds you".

It's sad good people have to suffer, but their government and the terrorists spoiled it for them, so, so well on them.