Saturday, October 27, 2018

Americans don't take well to 'invasions.'

Never have.  And this latest mob heading towards Texas from Honduras is no exception.

Barack Obama said yesterday that we have nothing to fear from this measly little group of perhaps 1,000 impoverished, malnourished folk.  And he truly means and believes that: once they get here, they will apply for food stamps and welfare, infest our schools, swamp our health care systems and in general become wards of the state: perfect Democrat voter material.

Turns out, Barry is understating several important points.  One, this little group is not just a thousand poor, starving folks.  It is just a platoon size group within several division size movements heading in our direction, seeking to destroy our way of life, swamp our welfare systems, clog our public schools, infest our health care systems and they don't give a damn about those who don't like it: 'we're coming anyway, and there's nothing you can do to stop us.'  And two: this measly, tiny little group is part of a much larger, well organized and extremely well funded effort to swamp our system - the global left is bound and determined to undermine capitalism, and drowning our welfare and social systems is clearly the easiest and clearly obtainable method for doing just that.

Polls are narrowing as the election nears, as they always do.  But I am pretty certain that the majority of voters don't want illegal invaders camping in their front yards, as they all have promised to do.  I suspect this issue will swing the results of the midterms towards those who seek to secure the borders, and away from those who seek open borders: that would be Republicans.

10 days and counting, we'll see about this Blue Wave.  If the polls miss this one as badly as they missed the 2016 returns (which appears they will), expect those gavels to remain in GOP fingers.


Kid said...

If any number of these get through, we will be invaded to the point that a plague of locusts looks like a kindergarten tea party.

soros is a terrorist. Declare him and his organization as such and deal with it.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

My guess is President Trump has plans in works. If the Democrats flip the House he has until their sworn in to do what needs done. If they don't flip the house then he won't be restrained.

Fire Sessions, replace him with Trey Gowdy, and watch the swamp rats run for their lives.

Hey, I can dream, can't I?

Fredd said...

Kid: yes, Soros is a menace. And if he has conspired to fund this invasion, I say prosecute him under RICO, imprison him for life. When he dies in prison, deport his body back to Hungary. Unfortunately, nobody listens to me. But they should.

Fredd said...

Fool. Yes, The Donald has a trick or two up his sleeve, and unlike Barry O, he doesn't show his cards until he has to.

LSP said...

Well said.

They think that an invasion of peasants from S. America will make everyone vote Democrat. Are they inherently stupid or have they been driven insane by Satan?

Fredd said...

Pastor: in a manner of speaking, they have indeed been tainted in their thinking by Satan. Since most liberals (all?) don't believe in God, they are easily swayed away from moral thought and values: which is exactly the modus operandi of Satan.

And nobody would argue that allowing this peasant invasion to the detriment of the tax payers that must support this poverty stricken population simply to bolster Democrat voting roles is anywhere near the moral thing to do.

And of course, the liberal argument would be that helping those less fortunate than ourselves is the moral thing to do: it's what Jesus would want.

Of course, they don't believe in Jesus, unless he can support a portion of their argument.

Kid said...

Fredd, Looks like GPWH is the marijuana play.

Fredd said...

Kid: the last pot tip I got from you was PHOT: currently trading at 1.3 cents per share, and I paid 40 cents a share for the stuff. I still own it, for sentimental reasons.

What makes GPWH a better bet?

Kid said...

Yea, Yea. My sincere apologies. GPWH - look at the chart. Buy when the RSI is low - closer to 30. It's about midrange right now I believe. Or average in by buying a little at a time.

LL said...

I hope that you didn't end up at Aunt Sally's for Thanksgiving, but somehow you may have fallen into that trap. Best wishes to all.

Fredd said...

LL: nope, Aunt Sally's was not our Thanksgiving destination this year. And that in itself is my Thanksgiving.