Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Humans are basically rotten, and this is news to liberals

The major difference between those on the left and those on the right is their view on humanity: the left believes that people are basically good, and those on the right believe that people are essentially no good.

And from here, the philosophies start to diverge wildly.  Proposed legislation on the left such as food stamps, welfare and other entitlement programs are written in such a fashion that liberals believe nothing but good will come of them.

Nobody can argue that these programs have helped many of the downtrodden in our society.  But the liberal authors of these laws never calculated the extent by which free riders, moochers, ne-er-do-wells and the like will scam the system.  For every one truly needy recipient of these programs, there are 5 scumbags that game the system and render whatever program they scam unsustainable.

Free riders, free loaders, lay abouts, bums, hobos, losers of every sort are the reason that these do-gooder policies of the left never work.  The rotten among us screw it up for everybody else.  And the left never agrees that there are as many rotten folk out there as there are in practicality.  You know, the real world.

In the world of unicorns and rainbows, which all elite liberals assume is the real world, nobody would steal candy from a baby, we're just not that evil.  Wrong, oh so wrong.  There are so many candy thieves out there ripping off babies that it would make the average liberal's head spin, if the count were published.

We are essentially born selfish and rotten.  How often have we ever heard parents of three-year olds scold little Billy: 'Now Billy, you've got to quit sharing your bowl of ice cream with your sister, you need to keep some for yourself.'  'Now, Billy, you've got to learn to not share your toys so much with your brothers and sisters, you need to learn how to play with them yourself.'

Those conversations will never happen, not anywhere on the planet.  Little Billy needs to be socialized so that he can be a productive member of society.  He is not born good.  He' just isn't.  He was born a selfish little turd, and only constant nudging towards civilization will change that.

But liberals don't share this view of humanity.  They think that everybody has a good heart from birth.  If they take away all of our guns, then nobody will ever shoot anybody again.  How dumb is this?  The Little Billy's of the world out there that never took to becoming socialized (we call them sociopaths) will take advantage of the unarmed public, secure himself a few weapons and wreak havoc on us all.  That's just little Billy being himself.

People are rotten.  They just are.  And unless they have been adequately socialized by caring and loving parents, they will wreck every liberal piece of legislation that comes down the pike by gaming and scamming the built in shortcomings of these laws. 

They always have, and they always will.  People are just no good.


Kid said...

The left. Depends on who you are talking about Fredd. Yes, many young naive left believe that people are basically good so that they have a hard time putting a finger on the evil in the world, which is the majority of humans in my view. The left that knows the score are sociopaths and spend their time satisfying themself and don't even care whether people are good or not as long as they get money, sexual favors, world destruction, whatever.

Scammers. There are a large number of scammers that have a large impact on the rest of us. When scammers can rip 3.6 billion out of the IRS for example, the rest of us have to make up the shortfall one way or the other. The biggest scammer group are trial lawyers. They have brought the country to its knees by suing healthcare et al to the point that it simply isn't affordable by most people. Quick story - my broken leg in 1968, crushed in two places, broken in 3 more, 45 days in hospital, 120 morphine injections, all the other stuff that goes on in hospital to patient, 2 orthopedic surgeries on the leg.... total cost $1800.00. yes, One Thousand, Eight Hundred and no cents. I just saw the bill of a female friend who had the surgery to fuse the neck because the bones were weak and susceptible to causing her to be paralyzed (know 5 women who have had this procedure in the last 2 years...) Anyway, the bill was 81,000.00 81 grand. She was in the hospital a day and a half, 1 hour in surgery and 4 hours in recovery room. AND this is just the hospital bill, the surgeon's bill has yet to be seen ! Are you effing kidding me ?

I just got a bill for $707.00 for a freaking Blood test of which the insurance paid 300 and change leaving me with 372 to pay.

I may have strayed from your topic a touch.

Guns? youtube - Number One With a Bullet by Bill Whittle. Very good reference to guns vs no guns.

Yes, people are stupid because they are addicted to their fantasies.

Fredd said...

Kid: don't get me started on lawyers. Obama is a lawyer. So is (was) Bill Clinton. And Hillary Clinton. And James Comey. They are all scammers extraordinaire.

And these fantasy addicts are screwing things up for everybody. Bernie Sanders is the King of Fantasy; free shit for everybody. How on earth can that possibly work? It can't, but he promises that it will, just if we do it his way. The good way.


Kid said...

Addl Thought. Much of what is wrong with America today is the result of too many kids being brought up Not Having to Deal With Reality. Totally dysfunctional. It's a nation destroyer.

Fredd said...

Kid: and those kids are then fumbling and stumbling in the work force. Snowflakes, I believe there are called today, Obama's 'pajama boy.'

They all think highly of themselves, however, as they clean up mom's basement and prepare to move in for the foreseeable future. Those participation trophies have them convinced that they are all winners, as they bitch at mom for not putting enough ketchup on their meatloaf.

We'll see how things turn out. Reality usually sobers up most folk, as they find themselves eating out of dumpsters after the parents kick the bucket and the new home owners give them the boot.

LSP said...

The libs are craven, risible fools. We know this, and they think we can perfect ourselves given enough taxation and rainbowism. They're Pelagians, after a fashion.

But no, we're deep down flawed, as we all know if we have any degree of self-knowledge.

So where do we find hope in this? By understanding that grace perfects nature. Of course that's the very thing that these fools reject; good luck with its ersatz equivalent, taxation and rainbow tomfoolery.

Fredd said...

Pastor: 'Rainbow-ism?' Sounds like a great philosophy of life, if you are an ostrich; pretend that everything will turn out good if you ignore the perils around you.

A great deal of support of Rainbow-ism will sadly not wise up: Rainbow-ists promise that land of candy canes and high cotton to everybody with a vote. And these supporters are all those of us who don't have a pot to urinate in, or a window to throw it out of. They get all of their candy canes and high cotton from those of us who are not Rainbow-ists.

Seems to be working, however. I just wish these supporters would wake up one day to see that things are not paradise in our society, and that taking even more candy canes and high cotton from those who produce such things and spreading them out to their ne-er-do-well buddies will end in chaos.