Thursday, March 23, 2017

A mansion on a sandy beach for everyone

Oh, to live in the Land of Plenty.  Where the streets are paved with gold, and everybody is nice all the time, and there is no evil, pain, suffering or want.  In this Land of Plenty, there is never a tear drop in any eye, and everybody has a mansion on a sandy beach.

Life is good in this Land of Plenty.

Of course, this Land of Plenty does not exist, has never existed at any time anywhere in the history of history.  And this Land of Plenty will never exist.  It is but the stuff of political promises.

We are now watching the legislative battles on Capitol Hill today, as the Democrats vow to keep Obamacare intact, the GOP Freedom Caucus vowing to scuttle the current Obamacare-Lite bill (The American Healthcare Act) because it is nothing more than the same thing we have now, only tweaked around the edges.  And of course, we have President Trump twisting arms to get his 216 votes needed to pass this latest pack of socialism wrapped in the American flag.

Donald Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan have promised to repeal the massively socialist Obamacare program in favor of a kinder, gentler massive socialist program.  Speaker Ryan swears nobody will be left in the lurch, and nobody will have their current health care package go into a lapse of coverage.  

Everybody that voted for the GOP these last three out of four elections (2010, 2014 and 2016) wanted Obamacare gone, but wanted to retain the provisions of the act that covered pre-existing conditions and kids to remain on their parent's insurance until age 26.  Other than that, Obamacare stinks.  Right?

The pre-existing condition clause is nothing more than a naked transfer of trillions of dollars to those who need horrifically expensive treatment to survive.  There is just not enough money in the world to grant everybody a heart transplant or a kidney transplant that needs one, and only charge them a few dollars in co-payment.  These operations are hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

What the American voter and all politicians are saying is that these God awfully expensive medical procedures are a right, and not a priveledge (Ted Kennedy's words, they roll of the tongue, don't they?).  If money is no object, which clearly everyone agrees is the case when it comes to health care, why not grant every American the right to fly their own personal Lear jet?

And grant everybody in the U.S. a mansion on a sunny, sandy beach?  As a right?  We're talking about the same sentiment.  We just don't have the money to grant everybody anything their heart desires because some folks can afford it and some folks can't.  

That kind of talk is just mean spirited, just ask Chuck Schumer (D-NY) or Bernie Sanders (Communist - USSR).

This is not a mean spirited country, right?  Free shit for everybody!  As much as the Freedom Caucus is gumming up the latest works regarding passage of this latest free shit bill, they at least understand that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Or a free mansion on the beach.


LL said...

Personal responsibility and accountability went out the window a long time ago. Sometimes I catch crap for people for having made good decisions and having had the foresight to be prepared (Boy Scouts 101). The Little Red Hen scenario plays out. While they were out f-ing off and screwing around, I worked, I strived, and I didn't burn what I didn't have to burn. There are far cheaper people than I am, but the point can be taken. The wastrels and bums who didn't earn it now want it from me, who did.

The great unwashed elect politicians who are happy to use the taxes I pay to buy votes. That's how it works. Bread and circus.

Always thus.

Healthcare is now an entitlement. 24% of the US economy.

Kid said...

It's (America) probably over now.

Where is the Tort Reform. ANd I don't want government involved in healthcare at all, else it gets more corrupt at every admin and ends up at single payer and health care that you wouldn't wish on moslem vermin. Well, maybe That Last Bit went a little too far.

Fredd said...

Kid: it may very well be over. The GOP, as now configured, seems completely OK with taking hard earned money from one guy using the barrel of a gun and giving it to another in exchange for votes.

De Toqueville was right.

Fredd said...

LL: you and me both. I too ate shit sandwiches handed to me by petty, stupid bosses who were dumber than a bag of hammers, for decades. I worked, when my peers were hitting the slopes in Vail, running with the bulls in Pamplona and laying on the beaches on the Italian Riviera.

And now all of these guys want their liver transplants, and expect me to cough up the dough primarily because I have the dough, because all of their money exists now only in photo albums.

Nuts to that.

LindaG said...

I want a pilot to fly my plane. ;-)

I can't stand Paul Ryan. He is no better than Boehner was. A RINO at best. And once again, NONE of them have done what they promised to get elected. I will only be surprised, any more, if they actually get it repealed and let insurance companies work across state lines as they used to do.

Fredd said...

Linda: anything you want, in the Land of Plenty. I'll bet you want that pilot to be at least 6' 3", hair like Fabio and a deep chin cleft, lots of muscles, etc. If you are granted your every heart's desire, why not go for the caviar?

The GOP has got to get its act together, and fast. The establisment GOP types are probably the ones throwing the wrench into all of this chaos. We got to do something about those guys...

LindaG said...

If we could just keep them from getting re-elected, it would be a start. But people keep voting for them.
It was so annoying listening to Pelosi gloat.

Fredd said...

LindaG: watching Pelosi do her booty dance in the end zone was more than annoying. I am unsure as to how to characterize her shameless gloating in polite circles, but annoying isn't it.

deborah harvey said...

ted kennedy--to call him a snake is an insult to reptiles everywhere.
his senatorial privilege got him the right to health care of the best.