Friday, September 11, 2015

Donald Trump candidacy resembles "Snake Plisskin"

The current 'establishment GOP' crowd absolutely hates Donald Trump.  They loathe him, and everything he does.

The 'Old Guard Republicans' can't understand why Donald Trump is getting the polling success he has despite the many insults to many constituencies: women, Hispanics, low energy people, you name it.  

News to you 'Old Guard' GOP-types: YOU are the ones who are driving Donald Trumps ratings through the roof.  And yet you are still befuddled as to what this guy has that you don't.  

The Republicans have repeatedly told us conservatives that if they are elected, they will repeal Obamacare - they funded it instead.  If they are elected to a majority, the Old Guard tells us they will get the spending under control - they are in cahoots with the big spending Democrats and have not done a thing about the drunken sailor spending in Washington.

In other words, the Old Guard tells us things that, when the vote is delivered to them, they forget once the gavel is handed to them.

Donald Trump is sticking his thumb in the eye of the Establishment GOP types.  He is saying that he doesn't like their lying ways, either, and will do something about it.  

Sounds good to me.  Sounds good to a lot of us.

And now the GOP establishment types are trying to tell everybody that Donald Trump was a liberal, voted for and funded Democrats, and was pro-choice, was for Obamacare, supported Harry Reid, blah blah blah.

Nobody cares about any of that.  The Old Guard GOP themselves have no credibility about delivering the goods with us conservatives anymore.  Conservatives (and a goodly amount of independents and Democrats) hate the ruling class politicians and their lying ways.

We know that Donald Trump is imperfect.  We don't care.  He is telling us that he will fix a lot of things, and he has a track record of doing what he says he will do.  Much like Kurt Russell's character "Snake Plisskin" in "Escape from New York", where the administration turns to an arguably slimy, dubious scumbag to rescue their leader from the hands of bad guys.  They hand him a pardon for his old nefarious ways if he comes through with the goods.  

It's an old plot, but a good one.  We want our own "Snake Plisskin" coming in and cleaning things up.  GO SNAKE!!  PLISSKIN for President!!

We believe him (Donald Trump), and we don't believe the Old Guard GOP anymore.  

Donald Trump will likely get the nomination, despite his warts.  And despite his resemblance to 'Snake Plisskin.'


LL said...

The Republican establishment (who have government jobs or expect money for nothing/chicks for free) favor Bush. Sadly for them, there are more Republicans who have to work for a living, and feel that Congress (polling in single digit favorability with R & D alike) betrayed them.

The 47% who pay no tax will go for Sanders, who promised to rob everyone and share the loot with them; and Clinton, who promises to rob all except those who pay her off. They would only vote for Trump if they're tired of free cheese and subsidized rent.

The blush is off the rose with Obamacare since premiums (Barack promised they'd be free along with assuring everyone that they could keep their doctor - haha) and even the Democrats want something else because the free cheese types demand it.

Kid said...


Fredd said...

LL: Congress has indeed betrayed those who handed them the gavels. Now that they have those gavels, they have completely forgotten those 'red meat' pledges they made on all of those campaign stumps.

THey think that ALL voters are stupid, and have the memories of typical house flies. They are half right: most Democrat voters are indeed dumb as a bag of hammers, and will vote for anything that keeps that free cheese coming. But conservative voters tend to remember those stump speeches, and the last several elections have them pretty danged irked.