Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Obama is right: ISIS is indeed a JV team

Barry and I don't see eye to eye very often.  Almost never, truth be told, but on this one he is spot on: ISIS is just not the threat that everybody on the right has been gnashing their teeth about.

Sure, if you live in the God forsaken death sands of Syria and Iraq, and you have at best a kindergarten diploma hanging on the walls of your Bedouin tent, ISIS represents the dogs from Hell.  But to the rest of us, they are impotent savages.

ISIS has rampaged over mostly barren, uneducated and remote hell holes that not even the Bedouins of years gone by would have considered worth inhabiting.  So what?  Let them have that forlorn and worthless part of the earth.  The inhabitants there had their chance at freedom, and threw it all away by inviting these animals into their environs, now let them live and die with those decisions.

ISIS has proven that it can wreak havoc on the weak.  But now they are boasting and crowing at this latest episode in Garland, Texas: these incompetent savages with no hope to even come close in challenging the powers of the West are now claiming a great victory.

This 'victory' of ISIS consists of a couple of 'Dumb and Dumber' type idiots in Phoenix who, after reading a couple of ISIS comic books, decided to protect the prophet's reputation by driving in their beat up car to Garland, Texas, donning some grown up military gear, and attacking the infidels who dare to hold a 'Draw the Prophet' contest with a full frontal assault.  With AK-47's blazing, they did indeed wound a traffic cop protecting the Garland facility in the ankle.  Then his partner, a classically trained American police officer seen writing tickets to speeders in the area,  took both of these Rambo-wannabes out with a .38 police issued revolver, a weapon hardly more powerful than a .22 target pistol. This average run-of-the-mill traffic cop dropped these two stupid ass wipes like your garden variety bags of dirt, no fuss no muss.

And ISIS calls this attack a victory.  Their first attack on the Great Satan (that would be us here in America).  This is more than pathetic.  This is bordering on sad.  If this is what we can expect out of what General Thomas McInerny, and Colonel David Shaeffer call an existential threat to our American way of life, than I don't know that I am going to lose any sleep over these ISIS morons invading Garland, Texas anytime soon.

Obama is right.  We don't need to mobilize U.S. military assets and wipe these goat herders with AK-47's off the map, if this puny attack is the extent of their global reach.  I have seen better military efforts out of the Keystone Cops.  I would wager if you armed Harold and Kumar with BB guns and turned them loose on Steubenville, Ohio, there would have been more damage than we saw in Garland, Texas.

And I hate agreeing with Obama.  I hate it a lot.  But he is right. This assault on Garland, THIS is what we should ALL be fearful of, if we listen to McInerny and Shaeffer?  Those military experts may have the chops to put together a plan to wipe these ragheads out, but why bother?

If this is the best they can do, then the label of "JV team" is WAY overstated.  ISIS is absolutely no threat to the US in any form.  And never will be.  Just let them rampage over the Middle Eastern deserts, and then when they run out of bullets, let them starve to death in their sand box.



LL said...

The best response to the threat from ISIS is to drill and refine our own oil in the US and work together with our Canadian neighbors to become totally oil self-sufficient and to export.

It means that what happens in grubby lands far away is not our problem.

However, just because two losers from Phoenix decide to launch a frontal assault and the officer takes a head shot doesn't mean that they won't be able to find someone within their ranks who can do better. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

It was very painful reading how you agree with DuhWon.

Fredd said...

Odie: yeah, it's painful.

It's like agreeing with Osama bin Laden when he suggests that Western women ought to reach for more modest attire when digging through their wardrobes each morning. I agree with that, generally. Now, slapping bhurkas on every gal in the world, I gotta draw the line somewhere and that ain't where I would draw it.

I know you don't agree with Osama in that regard, either, Odie. That's OK, though. This is America, we can still agree to disagree, unless we adopt sharia law, then forget all of that.

Fredd said...


I think my point is that statistically, there is NO threat from ISIS. We are more threatened by slippery bathtubs, and getting struck by lightening than ISIS killing us. Will there be better trained assassins coming down the pike? Sure. Three of them. Maybe. They will make the news, and then we will all go about living our lives again, and ISIS will still exist in their Middle Eastern hell holes, happy that they were able to make the news. The Green River Killer, Son of Sam, Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy killed WAY more Americans than ISIS ever will. And yet we don't hunker down in our basements fearing to poke our heads outside lest we are murdered by a serial killer.

I want to disagree with you here, LL: eternal vigilance against an event with the likelihood of occurrence similar to that of getting struck by a meteorite doesn't make any sense at all.

We can all go on living our lives here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, free from worry about ISIS storming our living rooms, and we need not post armed guards at all of our front doors waiting for the ISIS assault. It ain't coming. They simply are not the threat that the Japs or Nazis were in WWII. Now THOSE guys were threats. These ISIS guys are goat herders with attitudes, and no hope of ever having an industrial base capable of creating a military threat against the West.


LL said...

I think that I have two (or maybe three points) and don't want to rant on your blog.

(1) Oil independence means that the entire Middle East is a lot less important to us.

(2) Vigilance is a function of both national intelligence collection, direct action and grassroots attention (the police). It's not just ISIS or Al Qaeda or Russia. It's all of those who would do the nation physical harm, including economic harm (China).

(3) It didn't take a significant military presence to wipe out the World Trade Center. Warfare can be made asymmetric and in a nuclear armed Middle East, the state actors are dangerous.

(4) Mudwomps (in Botswana or Phoenix) aren't a national threat. However, there are effective operators who work for states such as Iran. Some of that training does filter down and it makes the mudwomps much more effective. You simply have to watch out for that. Will they wipe out Baltimore? ---we live in hope. They can take Chicago and Detroit as well, while they're at it.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I strongly disagree, Fredd, with one of your central points here.

A .38 +p JHP is quite a threat, and far more powerful than a .22.
And eternal vigilance is as simple as carrying protection against a threat, ISIS emulators, or garden variety thugs.
I don't see an armed ISIS incursion of America, though.

Kid said...

Interesting how 'the president' seems to equate all things to basketball.

Other than that, unfortunately, we have become the world police (IF we engage anywhere), we should engage there and kill every isis POS cockroach scurrying around in Syria and Iraq, even if it means nuking 3/4's of the ME.
If we don't do that then we shouldn't engage anywhere. Pack up our kit bags, stop sending money to dictators and warlords, and leave them with the promise that they'll be nuked to hell if even one of their cockroach followers kills an American.
Evil happens because good men do nothing.
Of course, in the last case, every moslem should also be deported on suspicion of being an IS POS.

Fredd said...


Yup, that's the way things were done in the good old days. But once some idiot invented the 'surgical strike,' and we started wringing our hands about collateral damage.

And like any enemy worth their salt, they know this and accordingly surround themselves with collateral like they used to use armor.

Good thing you and me aren't calling the shots.

I am not sure I would even stoop to nukes, since squadrons of B-52's carpet bombing the bad guys works pretty well, too.

Fredd said...


Point is moot, turns out the traffic cop that dusted those dirt bags used a 9mm Glock.

Same punch as a .38, give or take. And I think my gist was that neither a .22 or a .38 can shoot through a wall, and both are highly survivable.

Not so with a .357 and above, those usually put you down pretty hard.

Kid said...

Fredd, Collateral damage: Are there "civilians" in Yemen? hmmm.

I also don't believe people give a damn about collateral damage, unless they can use it as a wedge in an election or something. From a personal viewpoint, they don't care, especially the sociopathic libtards.

Imagine how many millions of people wouldn't have been tortured and died or lived a torturous life just through conditions in N Korea since 1952. Imagine how many of them would be living large in a S Korea type environment if ONLY we'd have nuked N Korea into defeat like we did Japan.
And people think nukes are bad things.
Well, here is our chance to make life better for Billions of people into the future of the ME.
I think you're a mass murderer if you Don't take out the trash over there.

Fredd said...

Kid: ah, rag heads. Can't live with 'em, can't live with 'em.

I agree, there's a time for killing. These rag heads gotta go.

I am still OK with squadron after squadron of B-52s laying pipe over there. And if that requires shutting down the Ford Fiesta assembly line and retooling it for incendiary bombs, fine. Nobody likes those crappy cars anyway.

Z said...

I don't agree with either Obama or you, Fredd. I wish I could.

I'm reading and watching the news and it's so obvious that the great America is like a cockroach on the floor as a big awful dog sniffs around, batting it from one side of the kitchen to the other.........that's us now; army bases on alert, people scared, borders porous, political correctness working just perfectly for radical islam....
I'm not as optimistic.

Kid said...

Fredd, well we know Ford can make Bombs ! heheh.

Fredd said...


Whoa, there, big fella.

I'm a major league Ford guy, let's not get carried away here. I just don't like Fiestas.

Kid said...

It's a free country my handsome friend.

Fredd said...


This too shall pass. America has seen really bad leadership before, and we took our lumps and kept on.

Wilson, the Obama of his day, set us on the path to socialism in a big way, and I believe the federal income tax was ushered in by ol' Woody. Major league bad stuff, but we still soldiered on.

FDR, the Obama of his day, what with his court packing and blatant trampling on the Constitution at every step (remember the internment of hundreds of thousands of Japanese Americans?), the implementation of massive Keynsian government spending, he did enormous damage to what America was before he showed up. And yet we soldiered on.

LBJ: , the Obama of his day, he ushered in the War on Poverty, and initiated the first payments to slugs and ne-er-do-wells that as of today totalled 22 TRILLION DOLLARS. We survived LBJ, albeit with enormous damage.

Jimmy Carter: the Obama of his day, gave away one of our most strategic assets we ever controlled, the Panama Canal for nothing. He ushered in the threat of the mullahs and their crazy jihad theology which now infests the world by not standing by a steadfast Middle Eastern ally, the Shah of Iran. And we somehow survived Jimmy.

Don't get me started on Bubba. He diminished the character of the office of the president so much, that we now yawn when we see Obama yukking it up with David Letterman.

This too shall pass. And America will soldier on, you must believe that Americans are tougher than you think. There is cause for optimism, Z.

Z said...

thanks Fredd, as I said on your newer post above this one, I am going to side with YOU then!
I don't feel at all optimistic, but I'd like to!