Thursday, October 16, 2014

What would one party rule look like in America?

Barack Obama would love nothing more than to destroy the Republican party and create one party rule.  In that manner, he and his successors could get quite a lot done without that pesky 'Party of No.'

We already have several areas within the United States that are defacto one-party ruled: Detroit comes to mind as the poster boy of what happens when dissent to an out of control government is crushed and extinguished as a countervailing force in politics.

Barack's old stomping grounds of Chicago are also governed by one party only: the Democrat party.  And this has been the case since "Big Bill" Thompson (R) was mayor ending in 1931, although "Big Bill" was so corrupt that he may as well have been a Democrat.

Chicago politics is now in play nationally, with Barack Obama ruling through executive orders and virtually ignoring the will of Congress and the American people.  He learned this style of politics in the least democratic area in the US - The Windy City.

Just a few days ago, Chicago Public Schools' teacher's union boss Karen Lewis withdrew her name from the upcoming mayoral race, and it now appears that the current uber-liberal, big spending Democrat mayor Rahm Emanuel will not face any credible opposition.

This news of Karen Lewis' withdrawal was bemoaned as a loss of choice for the voters of Chicago, since Karen Lewis was running ahead of Rahm in the polls.  The choice was never between the two dominant philosophies within the US currently: liberal or conservative.  The choice Chicago voters would have had with Karen Lewis in the race was re-electing a big spending liberal in Rahm, or electing an even bigger spending liberal in Karen Lewis.

Not much of a choice, given that Chicago's public unions (including Karen Lewis' CPS teacher's union) are running billions of dollars of unfunded pension liabilities that has bankrupted Chicago to the point that it is another Detroit, only in zombie form - Chicago is fiscally dead but just doesn't know it yet, much like zombies are dead but don't seem to understand the concept.  


Joe said...

"... Karen Lewis was running ahead of Rahm in the polls."

Do we dare wonder about the REAL reason a front-runner would withdraw? From whence that much pressure?

Fredd said...

Joe: turns out the reason she withdrew is because she was recently admitted to the hospital to have brain surgery to remove a malignant tumor, and while I do not in any way doubt that skullduggery would have been used by the Emanuel camp in due course, not this time.

sig94 said...

Most politicians are malignant tumors.

Kid said...

No hope for Chicago Fredd. Hope it's good for you there however.

Tell you one thing - you won't find better food ANYWHERE. I love Chicago for that.

Fredd said...

Kid: I'm in a very red area outside Chicago. Most of Illinois is red, but the cobalt blue confines of Cook County skew our state to the point that everyone thinks we are nothing but a big pot of liberals.

I would tend to disagree with the food comment, Kid. We HEAR that a lot, but every time I order something from a famous Chicago eatery, it sucks.

EXAMPLE: Went to Binnie's Chop House, folks said the steak was the best. When my steak was placed in front of me, it was room temperature. I don't know about you, Kid, but a steak has got to be pulled right off the grill and served immediately, not sitting on the pick up shelf for 20 minutes while they wait for the baked potatoes.

I did not send it back, since it took 40 minutes from the time we ordered to the time we got our food. I was starving, scarfed it down despite the temperature and said nothing. I tipped 15%.

Maybe I'M the problem.

Fredd said...


You are correct. Some of them start out as Jimmy Stewart's 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington', and end up crooked and poluted with corruption.

An exception was Congressman Joe Walsh (R-Il), -no, not the Rocky Mountain Way guy - who was a stand up rock ribbed Tea Party conservative, voted out in 2012 by liberals who preferred that uber commie liberal Tammy Duckworth (D-Crookedville). Joe voted his values and conscience every time, and didn't get much support for reelection from John Boehner because he was not bending to the party will. That, and just being a Tea Party type, the establishment hated his guts.

God, I hate politicians.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Capone, Nitti, Obama.
The heads of some of our most famous criminal organizations are from Chicago.

Kid said...

Fredd, couple examples I remember are the Palm Court, Arlington Blvd, a really nice Italian place in the neighborhood near one of the LOF Auto glass warehouses-slightly bad part of town tho, and a really nice hamburger joint very near Signode that was also in Arlington Heights. I can't remember getting anything bad when I was there working the software projects at those two companies.

Fredd said...

Smooth, Ed. Or, when in Chicago, 'smood, Ed.'

Names of these crooked Chicago sumbitches roll right off your tongue easy as pie.

Lately, Capone and Nitti are fading in our memories. Under the spotlights of Windy City infamy we now have besides Barry - Valerie Jarrett, Rod Blagojevich, David Axlerod, Rahm Emanuel, all of the Daley gang, and we shant forget Moochelle Obama and Hillary Clinton. All of these Chicago thugs of course pay homage to their idol, Saul Alinsky.

Chicago criminals, one and all.