Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The 'revenoo-ers' are coming for you, too

I would guess that nobody under the age of 50 will read this post, as all of those young whipper snappers are all committed heart and soul to their Facebook pages and have human contact only via 140 characters or less on Twitter.

Accordingly, I will jack up the font and address this for those of us who need cheater glasses (at least) in order to read it.

Most of you probably remember John Rose's old cartoon "Snuffy Smith" (a spin off of an even older cartoon, 'Barney Google'), where a poor backwoods Appalachian moonshiner and his wife, Weezy, scrapped a living off of the land where they could, and Snuffy would cook up some corn squeezin's with his still.

Snuffy was constantly on the alert to roaming 'revenuers' or as I like to spell them as did Snuffy as 'revenoo'ers.'  These revenoo'ers were from an unnamed federal agency, probably back in Rose's day the Department of the Treasury or perhaps the IRS, and now are represented by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

In any event, these revenoo-ers were constantly trying to smash Snuffy's still, and Snuffy was constantly shooting back, protecting his property from these over reaching revenoo-ers.

Now we are seeing a modern day Snuffy Smith, Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, fending off the power of the over reaching federal government in the form of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  

These BLM revenoo-ers have unilaterally decided in 1993 that some desert tortoises on this land that was used by this rancher to graze cattle were threatened by this grazing, and the BLM withdrew his previously granted grazing rights.  When asked why this decision was made, a simple statement was issued that the tortoise and its habitat were adversely affected, and that grazing rights were no longer allowed.

The tortoise is threatened?  Sez who?  Sez the BLM.  When asked for the data supporting this decision, none was ever provided.  This data has been requested for decades now after this 1993 unilateral decision to protect this threatenened tortoise, and these requests have been ignored to the present day.

And this seems to be how things work now.  An unaccountable, unelected bureaucracy makes decisions that impact Americans, and no recourse or grievance is allowed.  No sir.  Just do it, peons.  The U.S. government has spoken.

Hopefully we wake up, and see just what is going on in Nevada currently.  On the surface, a guy is ignoring the law.  A law made up out of whole cloth, voted on by nobody, and accountable to nobody.  What kind of law is that?

If we stand back and allow the BLM to win on this, by upholding this 'law' and crushing this little rancher, then the precedence has been set.  

They came for Cliven Bundy's cattle.  The revenoo-ers can come for you, too.  


innominatus said...

Are you turnin' your blog back on? That'd be cool.

People make light of the 2nd Amendment as though it were some antiquated relic. But the people in Nevada who (successfully, so far) resisted the gov't just showed us how it is supposed to work!

Kid said...

Agree completely Fredd.

Fredd said...

Kid: of course you agree with me. With your huge, bulging brain how could you not?

Fredd said...

Inno: never turned the blog off. Just quit posting so much.

Those folk in Nevada showed up with lots of fire power last time. Harry Reid will mobilize tanks and armored personnel carriers next time. And I would guess next time, every small armed resident in Nevada will show up to greet these assholes.

It's a great show of what Americans are made of, much sterner stuff than that lyin' dirt bag Harry Reid thinks.

Z said...

the best piece on Bundy is on my blog, about five posts down...I didn't write it, of course!
Please take a look.
I was of the mind Bundy was wrong for not paying his fees until I read that.

Kid DOES have a huge bulging brain, doesn't he :-)

And now Gov Perry of TX is on the prowl for the BLM to make the slightest wrong move.
I SWEAR we could all be screaming REMEMBER THE ALAMO II in a month or so!! HA!!

Mustang said...

Well, I think the issue with BLM is far too complex for me. There is another case involving a Shoshone tribe and that case is mixed up with tribal law ... and what I see here is that there are people who feel as though the federal government is guilty of overreach, but then they fail to hire a qualified lawyer and this is a big mistake, in my judgment.

Now it seems that we have another confrontation in Texas emerging and the issue appears to be the right to access public lands. The connotation is that since I am a member of the public, then public lands belong to me —and if anything at all, the federal government holds those lands in trust. It seems reasonable to me that there should be a fee applied to using these lands for grazing, particularly since cattle ranching is a capital venture. So far, I don’t have a problem.

The problem appears when federal law enforcement personnel show up at a demonstration and use Tasers on the demonstrators. I see no justification for that. Nor, even, the expenditure of millions of dollars in the purchase of LAVs for law enforcement officers, or drones used against American citizens, or even military grade automatic weapons. Suddenly, to protect and serve seems more like “Mein Ehre hei├čt Treue.”

Thomas Jefferson told us that we have the right and the obligation to resist tyranny. The application of military style police forces against the American people is tyranny, in my view. We must resist it, or we must become subjects of a socialist central authority.

Kid said...

Z, Surely Fredd is exaggerating.

Fredd said...

Mustang: or, as good ol' Tom Jefferson put it a couple of centuries ago, 'a little revolution every now and then is a good thing.'

Or words to that effect.

Gorges Smythe said...

It amazes me the number of people who will buy the BS the media spews and never question it in the least.

rosey said...

Snipers & overwhelming militarized show of force for an "unpaid bill"!

This tells everything that Americans need to know about this ideology of the left. It did not start with Obama but with Clinton (Waco and Elian Gonzales).

At this moment they (leftist statist) need is an excuse of the environment kind (turtles) to mobilize their new domestic army. Tomorrow they will just show up.

The MSM called the arriving "militia" members terrorists and guess what they held their fire in check, but they were there ready, willing and able to help Bundy primarily and Americans by extension should the need arise to counter this overt government abuse of power with the power of individuals armed with their 2nd amendment rights. This is how the leftists of this country are to be defeated -- by showing them their perceived unchecked power is in fact, checked.