Friday, October 25, 2013

Maybe THIS will wake up those low information voters....

We have been governed by socialists and marxists for over seven years now (to include the last two years of George W. Bush's last term, remember Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid took over congress in 2006) owing to the clout of what are now famously referred to as the 'low information voter.'  At least two of the three pedestals of power (the White House, the Senate and the House) have been in liberal hands now since '06 and the liberal majorities have wrought terrible damage during these days.

Low info folks voted in droves for liberals such as Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to lead their party, because Barry, Harry and Nancy filled their tiny brains with lies, fantasies and garbage about a heaven on earth that was forthcoming, provided they and their ilk are elected.

Starting now, the health care debacle that is out in the open for the first time for everyone to see, even these low info types, things are getting crappy for the average American who has never paid any attention to politics, but rather simply voted for Democrats.  Currently insured people who hate politics, and only want to know how often Snooki puked last night, or who gets hacked on Survivor or Dancing With The Stars, now are getting letters from insurance companies telling them their policies are cancelled.

We'll see how things go in 2014.  If these dummy low info types have any clue whatsoever as to why their pocketbooks are lighter, I think that the pendulum has starting to swing back into the correct path for the U.S.

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, no matter how stupid, can possibly blame Republicans for the disaster that Obama Care, and more accurately President Barrack Hussein Obama, has foisted on our society.  Hopefully this realization will reflect favorably for the grown ups at the ballot box in 2014.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Although I agree with what you state I fear it will not help.

Those who receive federal dollars be it through entitlements or salaries combined outnumber those of us who work in the private sector - thus supporting them - and they vote as well.

These 'folks' will never vote to either decrease what they receive monetarily in lieu of work or to fire themselves i.e fed/state workers.

Put simply, we cannot vote our way out of this.

Fredd said...

Yes, we will see whether the takers now outnumber the makers at the ballot box in 2014.

It appeared this was indeed the case after examining the 2012 election results, but I am not convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Obama voters will ALL stay in the Democrat column next election once they have to cough up ObamaCare money that they previously did not.

We'll see, Christopher. That, and a lot of Republicans stayed home (3,000,000 fewer Romney votes than McCain votes) last time, maybe they got tetched by the fear of Jesus now that Barry is running amok in his second (and maybe not his last) term in office.

We'll see.

Kid said...

This is where it gets 'fun' Fredd. When the little children find out their free cookies cost a fortune.

Repubblekins? Not the answer my friend. Not since Reagan. What did GWB do for us but provide a more palatable leader? In hindsight, all he did was squish some cockroaches - at too high a price imo (Afghanistan should have been shut down before he left office) and inflict the plague of DHS and TSA upon us. I"m not scoring them too high.

Since then, the repubs have all but eliminated the opportunity for us to have a choice between them and the dems which today amounts to the same thing with a better looking face and better sounding words but nothing in substance.
For that reason for sure, I'll never vote for another repub. 3rd party and if there isn't one listed on the ballet, I'm writing your name in. Yea, I know I'm throwing the vote away. I'd Be Doing It Anyway!

Good luck man.

Kid said...

Fredd, see my latest post. Germany, 1937. Tell me what's different.

Fredd said...


As someone once quipped, there's not a dime's difference between dems and repubs. No truer words have been spoken in the last 30 years or so.

Dubya did not do our Rebpublican brand any favors. Another description for W's 'compassionate conservatism' would be 'liberalism.'

Both he and his Daddy, 41, were raging RINO's, (remember Old Bush dissing Reagan's 'voodoo economics?' Or as the rest of us call Reagans econ vision, 'free market capitalism.'

Don't get me started on the Bush clan...

DOH!! You already did.

Kid said...

Fredd, I'll bet ya they run Jeb. ;-)
No, not voting for him either.

Fredd said...


Jeb didn't fall far from the tree, or Bush. (get it?).

I might one of these days relay my George H.W. Bush story to you Kid, we crossed paths in 1977 when he was the Director of the CIA, and I was a lowly 22 year old buck sergeant working a midnight shift army intelligence post.

Kid said...

I'd like to hear that story.

Fredd said...


My George H.W.Bush story goes like this: I was stationed as an active duty U.S. Army non commisioned officer (E-5 buck sergeant) in Augsburg, West Germany in 1977 as an electronic intelligence analyst (SIGINT) working the midnight shift at the Hungarian/All Others desk. None of this story is classified anymore, and much of the nature of our mission in Augsburg was published in a book called the 'Puzzle Palace,' an expose on the NSA at the time.

Mostly Augsburg was focused on keeping track of military comms coming out of the USSR and East Germany, but they also had some interest in the military movements of podunk countries such as Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania and Yugoslavia. These were all occupied by the Soviets at the time, but each had their sovereign military forces as well, and that's who I was supposed to keep tabs on, whereas the Soviets had their own dedicated analysts watching them and their European activities.

Nothing was happening at the Hungarian desk at 2AM in the morning, and I was kicked back in my chair, feet on the desk with a copy of the Rolling Stone spread out in my hands (the old newspaper format, it was the size of the now Chicago Sun Times).

There I was, basically goofing off, malingering, or in military speak, gold bricking (actual military speak would have me effing off, more accurately).

In other words, I was not actively involved at that moment in time in keeping track of the commies. It was 2AM in the morning for God's sake. Even commies need sleep, for cyring out loud.

Back to my story: all of a sudden, in through the double doors bursts a group of dignitaries, some in uniform, some in civvies. The apparent leader of the civvies saw me hurriedly stashing my copy of Rolling Stone in a drawer in my desk, and spring to attention. He and the group then made a bee -line right to my desk and the guy in the civvy suit said, 'Sergeant, brief me on your mission.'

Whereas I launched immediately into my canned and rehearsed briefing I gave many times to such pukes, ('the Hungarian HQ located here has plans for training, and the divisions located here and here have been seen with increased electronic morse code chatter indicating probable mobilization.....blah blah blah.')

After my roughly one minute briefing, this guy said, 'very good, Sergeant. Carry on.' And left. The commander of the facility who was with the group remained behind briefly after the others had left, poked a finger into my chest and said 'you got lucky this time, shape up OK'?

And that was the last I heard of this incident, other than the next evening my platoon sergeant mentioned that he had heard I got the chance to brief the director of the CIA, George Bush (as he was called back then).

Essentially, George H.W. Bush was making the rounds of intel facilities world wide trying to point out how cuts in military spending by the Carter administration at the time were hurting our readiness efforts, apparently my little episode did not fit his template and he moved on to greener pastures.

I voted for the guy twice, but he is still a RINO to the bone. A RINO who could have made my life miserable, but didn't.

Kid said...

Thanks for the story Fredd. I'm neutral on the guy, but my gut tells me he doesn't have a lot on the ball. Typical old money rich guy that didn't have to do too much for himself. Not that this guides my opinion, but I read a story once where he needed a cab, there wasn't anyone around to arrange it and he had no idea how to do it himself.

There's nothing I can point to from his time in office and call that out as a GHW Bush event or proclamation, what have you. I'll admit I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention until al gore showed up and I made sure to vote against that clown, and have been voting against (as opposed to for) ever since. Good story though, and Thank You for holding the commies back at arms length :)