Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Talks with the Taliban? Here's how that will go....

The Obama administration has a lot of faith in their main man coming through with his 'gift,' you know, blathering on endlessly, saying really nothing, and walking away thinking he got something done.

But these negotiations with the Taliban are something that Obama may have a problem with, since their ideology is one of steadfast inflexible demands that infidels yield or suffer the wrath of Allah.  Here's how these talks will go:

Taliban Mohammed:  'We demand that the West yield to Sharia immediately.  To deny the Word of Allah is blasphemy, and will be dealt with severely.  We insist on beheading as the penalty.

Obama: 'Well, my good friend Mohammed, those are pretty tough terms.  Is there any wiggle room in your demands for human rights, women's rights, gay rights, you know, that kind of stuff?'

Taliban Mohammed:  'My good friend, President Obama.  So sorry, we are not really at liberty to negotiate the words of The Prophet and those of Allah.  We insist on beheading infidels who do not submit to Islam and the ways of Sharia.'

Obama: 'Well, how about we agree that rather than beheadings of all infidels who do not submit to Islam, we simply cut off one of their hands.  Can we agree to that?

Taliban Mohammed: 'Gee, I don't know.  I'll take it back to my people and see what they say.  But I can't really guarantee you anything, Mr. Obama, as they are pretty set in their ways, and beheadings are traditionally the way we deal with you infidels.'

Obama: 'Great, great!  See, we can make some headway if we just sit down and talk to each other...'


Just Saying It Like It Is. said...

The President of the United States is doing more harm than good, I don’t care what that Progressive screw-ball says on her blog.. . What bothers me the most is the ignorance of those who follow her like lost sheep in the night not seeing the implications of Obama’s statements. Nobody wants to discuss facts nor reality just false propaganda. What these leftist progressive idiots either fail to see or ignor the facts behind Obama's insidious statement, is the fact hath this will being out more and more racial tension and even lead to serious implications
These scummy Progressives make me sick with their hypocrisy and lies, especially that Progressive, hatful, lying blogging whore
Even that douchbag illiterate Rachel Jeantel is not that naive or ignorant!

First time on your site thanks for your brutal honesty

christian soldier said...

F- your comment brought a smile- and insight--
I will be posting about a Southerner named Lee-(-:
first in his class at USMA -West Point --Superintendent at the Academy -and many more outstanding achievements --

Knowing the Constitution and the Founding HIStory of this Republic- I now wonder if I would have joined the Confederacy had I been alive at that time--
Thank you for coming over and commenting-
Carol-Christian Soldier

Kid said...

Fredd, Actually it's hard to beat these guys..

Plug in any symbol. The history of their buy and sell signals is impressive and the page is pretty self explanatory.

fwiw I'm in NUGT at the moment