Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Obama uses tactics of past and present tyrants

Perhaps you have heard that Janet Napolitano's Department of Homeland Security released thousands of imprisoned illegal aliens into the population, reportedly as a result of lack of funds to continue their detention because of the sequestration budget cuts.

Of course Madam Secretary distances herself from this action, suggesting that a bureaucratic snafu was to blame.  Fat chance. 'Big Sis' was acting on her boss' orders.  In the not so distant past,  Josef Stalin's purges were so widespread, the average Soviet citizen watched as their friends and families were rounded up and marched off into the Siberian gulags, and these loyal Soviet citizens were heard to say 'this is not right, if only Mr. Stalin was aware of what is going on, he would put a stop to this.'  Josef Stalin ORDERED these purges, but the citizens still loved him as the big cuddly bear of a leader they all adored. 

This move of releasing plagues and pestilences into a wayward population was previously done by legions of past and present tyrants, despots and potentates to cow their populations into behaving in a manner acceptable to the regime in power, or to otherwise weaken and dilute the power of perceived or real enemies of the state.  Cuba's Fidel Castro offered thousands of violent prisoners a choice: stay in prison, or accept Visas to the U.S., and you can guess which choice all of them made.  Accordingly Castro succeeded in polluting our population with violent criminals.

Lately, Obama has been quoted constantly as being against sequestration, claiming it would severely damage our economy and put thousands out of work and grind our economy into ruin.  Although none of this is true, he continues to spout these lies.  All of these 'cuts' are simply reductions in the rate of growth: the Obama regime will still spend more money this year than last year.  There are no cuts. 

Regardless, this sequestration that Obama currently loathes was HIS idea in the first place, concocted last year to avoid sensitive discussion of cuts (that aren't even cuts, for crying out loud) that might irritate his liberal voting base right before an election, voters who live off of the government and want to hear nothing about no stinking cuts.  And this lie is so obvious, it is not even worth denying.  But Obama denies it anyway, a tactic used by virtually all past and present dictators but most famously by Adolph Hitler's Minister of Propaganda, Josef Goebbels.  This tactic is better known as 'The Big Lie.'  It basically works because the lie is repeated loudly, often and constantly, leading the population no other conclusion than the current lie must be true.  Otherwise, nobody would lie so blatantly and continue to drone on and on otherwise. 

Of course, there is his statement that Obama made lately that essentially means that if Congress doesn't take action on initiatives Obama feels are important to furthering his liberal agenda, Obama will act independent of Congress and initiate programs via fiat, which would fly in the face of the Constitution, a document Obama finds as detestable.  Every dictator and tyrant known throughout history has used that one. 

Obama has no need to invent a new play book to wield dictatorial power over Americans.  These tactics have been in the 'Dictator's Play Book' for thousands of years.  Obama has simply dusted off a page or two of this dastardly play book and implemented them, since they have worked every time they have been tried since the dawn of mankind.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it is Obama's way of looking at things. And we can expect many more pages of this playbook to be called by the current despotic regime of Barack Hussein Obama.  Many, many more. 


Joe said...

I have contended since he came to office that Obama demonstrates every characteristic of every dictator who has ever come to power through anything but military force.

They were all loved. None projected directly what their objectives were, and they blamed everyone else for what was going on. Their body language was the stance of power and their eyes reeked of evil, but nobody took notice.

Maybe I AM the nut job some people think I am, but I will be surprised if some national emergency doesn't keep the next presidential election from happening...for the good of the country, of course.

We would not be the first country to suffer that result.

Well posted!

Fredd said...


No, you are not the nut job that your loyal cadre of liberal troll commentors think you are (Xavier Onassis, Ducky, Craig, Sue Hanes, and their ilk).

You are probably on to something with your election suspension theory:

I predict Obama will wag the dog towards the end of his second term, create an existential crisis for the US, and then claim that we have to suspend the elections because we simply can't change horses in the middle of the stream.

What nature that existential crisis will take, your guess is as good as mine, I suspect it will involve Israel, Iran and the Russians, time will tell.

But he will gin up the emotions of our dopes among our population, assisted by his adoring MSM, and the majority dopes will insist that Obama stay in the Oval Office until normality (or as Warren G. Harding would say, 'normalcy') is returned to our great nation.

Kid said...

That was cheery !

Anyway, what's a few illegals being let out. Were they even 'in'? We already have about 25 million on the streets right?
Even when they try to be evil, some of them are pathetic. janet tops that list.

Kid said...

Fredd, Looks like Gold is going to do at least a multi-day relief rally here. I'm on the sidelines. - Kid

Fredd said...


Since I'm not anything close to a day trader, but rather old school buy and hold, I'll see how gold is doing a year from now.

Especially DUST, but assuming gold continues to tank in the long term, selling it in less than a year after purchase only puts more tax revenue in Obama's pockets, so I hold for at least a year and reevaluate, and then pay only long term capital gains on the stuff. Assuming gold continues to tank, that is...

Kid said...

Ok Fredd, let me know if you want any updates as it goes on. DUST being a 3Xer can take a big bite if it goes the wrong way.

To me the market is pretty schizoid lately so I'm in hit it to quit it mode.