Saturday, July 7, 2012

Michelle Obama's 'food deserts' in Chicago: bunk

Food deserts.  What?  This bogus phrase concocted by Michelle Obama brings to mind the image of the ragged, tattered wretch crawling across the desert in search of water, croaking ‘water…..water…..’ 

The ‘food desert’ Michelle Obama cites is in her old stomping grounds of South Chicago.  Do we see the scrawny, ravenous skeletal wraiths crawling down Michelle’s neighborhood, crying with feeble wails 'broccoli,....I need broccoli...', lest they simply dry up and perish?  On the contrary, in Michelle’s neck of the woods (Chicago), we mostly see morbidly obese folks sitting on their porches, stuffing their faces with Cheetos (purchased with food stamps, duh) and washing entire bags of the stuff down with Orange Crush, their folding chairs nearly buckling as their occupants corpulent bellies hang down to the ground.

And these are the victims living in the middle of Michelle Obama’s ‘food deserts.’  Michelle Obama is concerned that for too many of these corpulent Democrat constituents, fresh fruits and veggies are simply not available within walking distance of her husband's pudgy voters (just a side note: her husband's waddling constituents are able to walk perhaps half a block before the exertion forces them to seek the first available folding chair, bag of Doritos and six pack of Mountain Dew).

The truth of the matter (of which concerns Michelle Obama not one bit) is that fresh fruit and veggies are indeed available within bus distance of every Obama voter in Chicago, since Chicago Obama voters don’t feel the need to have cars, or walk very far for their Twinkies.  What Michelle fails to notice is that most reputable vendors of fresh fruits and veggies have concerns about placing one of their stores in her constituent’s neighborhoods, where the likelihood of them getting robbed and beaten on a weekly basis is very high.

The desert that Michelle refers to is not a ‘food desert.’  It is a morality desert.  It is a decency desert.  It is a capitalism desert.  Lately the murder rate in these neighborhoods exceeds the death tolls seen in an active Afghanistan war zone.  It is more likely you will die in South Chicago if you are out and about on the streets than if you are on patrol in Kabul. 

Since Obama’s beloved Democrat Party with it's socialist liberal policies has in exchange for votes put itself in the place of providing food and shelter for most of the primarily black inhabitants of South Chicago instead of a loving husband and father, the black family has deteriorated into chaos.  Illegitimate births are the norm.  Kids without fathers are seeking guidance from gangs rather than fathers.  And the murder rate is out of control, and Michelle wrings her hands about why this is so.

This is the 'responsibility desert' that Michelle laments.  And it is a desert of her, her hubby and their ilk’s own making. 


Hack said...

South Chicago is a complete warzone more deadly than most of the world's conflict areas, including Afghanistan. This is the place Barry "organized". Talk about success. You hit the nail on the head. It all stems from broken families and the government putting itself in the place where the father should be. The fatherless epidemic is brutally ravaging the inner soul of this country, especially in black communities like south Chitown.

The Born Again American said...

The "BABY DADDY" has been taught that he's helping by creating more dependency rather than being taught personel responsibility...

I'm trying to revitalize my old blog The Born Again Americans and would greatly appreciate having you and your readers stop by and check it out...

Silverfiddle said...

What Michelle fails to notice is that most reputable vendors of fresh fruits and veggies have concerns about placing one of their stores in her constituent’s neighborhoods, where the likelihood of them getting robbed and beaten on a weekly basis are very high.

You nailed it.

Also, instead of mailing out foodstamps, the government should hand out rations of rice, beans, milk and fruits and vegetables.

Fredd said...

Hack: I live near Chicago, but won't dare to be seen anywhere near this area, especially after the sun goes down.

It would be a death wish to wander those streets, black or white.

Fredd said...

Silver: yes, in Michelle's 'responsibility desert,' her hubby's consituents armed with a fist full of food stamps figure fresh fruit and veggies don't have near the appeal that Pop Tarts and beer have.

Z said...

Hack's right...I heard today that fatherlessness is the main proponent of childhood poverty.....and, later, the horrible continuing poverty in that child's adult life.

Born Again's back? Hurrah! On my way!

Who'd have thought we have big American cities SO dangerous? Pictures of Detroit lately look like a war zone, too..deserted, rundown...horrifying.

Did you see my post on how Republican governors' states have a WAY higher employment rate than Dem govs' states? It all ties together, I think.

Kid said...

I was working on a project for LOF auto-Glass 12 or so years ago on the Midway airport side of Chicago and almost got rolled getting into my car at a convenience store. I didn't stop in that area any more.

And as you say Fredd, Illinois has been under democrat rule for Ever. Why don't the repubs play this as an ad and make mention of that ? Ditto Detroit and just about every other hell hole in America.

Fredd said...

Z: Hack is always right.

No, didn't see your post about GOP govs having better ROI than Dem govs, but I would bet on GOP ROI over Dem ROI every time.

Since it's always the case.

Fredd said...


Dems have ruled Chicago since Capone and before. And it's slowly but surely getting worse every year. Pretty soon, it's Detroit.

Midway: don't stray far from the airport, under any circumstances, or you're toast. Just the way it is. Much like Tom Wolfe's 'Bonfire of The Vanities.' In Obama's back yard.

Jimmy said...

Who is the government to grant me or you anything? To tell us what to eat or drink? Aren't they our public servants? When did they switch to being the masters of anything? When they merged with the interest of the corporations perhaps?

We grant government privileges, they can't grant us anything, especially our rights, since they're inherent, we're born with them, they come from God--not government or a piece of paper.

This is my body--it belongs to me, its my private property, controlled by my free will, until death and the Lord come for it. No one, not any man, or any government entity is going to tell me what to do with it, unless by force, or by my consent.

The question these days is who owns your body, who owns you? The government presumes they do, and we must dismantle their presumption.

The issue here is freedom.
Without freedom, you can't be anything--not even a songwriter, a film maker, a blogger or a Christian.

I Want My Country Back