Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mideast peace: a fairy tale that will never come true

Or how about that dreamy insipid wish of every imbecilic beauty queen, when asked what would she wish for to come to pass, dim wittingly claiming to want 'world peace?'  Obama's proposal of a solution to the ills that have been festering between the Palestinians and the Israeli's ever since their inception in 1948 is just too ludicrous to ponder.

Prime Minister Netanyahu is right in dismissing this stupid proposal without further consideration.  The Palestinians want only one thing: for Israel to go away.  To vacate their country.  Every last one of them.  Nothing less will do.  Every Palestinian leader has openly said so, from Arafat to those dogs that lead Hamas and Hezbollah today.  To suggest as Obama did in his pathetic speech that borders be imposed between these two enemies will solve anything is ridiculous. 

There can be no peace when the only acceptable solution to the Palestinians is the demise of Israel.  There can only be peace between these irreconcilable positions if one side completely and utterly defeats and destroys the other.  Then and only then can there be peace. 

And Obama is just too stupid, arrogant, foolish and removed from reality to accept this as the ultimate truth, when he proposes child-like fairy tales as serious solutions to a situation that requires armed conflict to resolve.


Kid said...

Well, what has he ever proposed that we can't find in some child like fantasy ?

And add in the rest of the islamics. All of them..

World Peace... ahhaaa - you can't even get neighborhood peace !

The liberal mind is the greatest obstacle to Progress. Unmistakable that they'd call themselves progressives. Hypocrisy is their middle name and ignorance is their claim to fame.

Silverfiddle said...

President Obama and his politburo staff call to mind the old Mark Twain quote:

“Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.”

Anonymous said...

I think he knows the truth. He was raised to hate Israel.

Anonymous said...

Achtung...I'm always amazed that anyone, including our fool president thinks that a peaceful solution can be built in the Middle East; better to stay viligant and keep your powder dry... My belief is that, like us, if Israel falls it will come from within; I hear they too have a lot of liberals and "Swords to Plowshares" types over there; Daeff

The Conservative Lady said...

Obama is not a friend of Israel no matter how many times he says it. It looks like Christian & Jewish leaders are standing up.

Fredd said...


You're right (as usual): most neighbors at at each other's throats. My neighbor's dandelions are in full bloom, and I just popped for $100 in broad leaf weed killer for my pristine lawn.

He mows the dandelions down once every other week, whether they need it or not, and I am the beneficiary of his bumper dandelion crop, as the predominant winds blow from west to east: I am his eastern neighbor.

I would not shed a tear if my western neighbor dropped dead. Does that speak ill of me?

Fredd said...

Christian Lady:

Obama says LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of things that he doesn't believe. This is just one topic of many.

Don't make me list them...

Kid said...

Fredd, Dandelions. I hear the same story from some folks I usually lunch with. :)

My story is we live in a 'rural-ish upscale cul de sac', 1.4 acres.

All of the homes are well kept, and the neighbor who works for a paving company plows the snow in my 200 foot long driveway each winter and refuses to take anything for it. Attractive homes across the street and directly around me.
But on the way in to my house from the main road (1/4 mile total), there is one house where a couple older hispanics live, and the yard is a mess, they've got some pink flamingos in the front yard, it is red brick and they've got Mexican neon green painted shutters. Ooofta. Not good for neighborhood value. Further in and 3 places from our address (but around an S curve so we can't see it from the house) is a place that hasn't had Anything done to it, probably since it was built. Dirt/mud driveway. 2 non-functional vehicles in it. Railing fell off the back deck years ago and it's unusable anyway due to the trash that is stacked up on it. Gutters mostly fallen off the house now. I was walking the dog past it last winter and actually witnessed half of it fall off from the weight of the ice in it. It sat like that for a couple months until someone ripped the offending pieces off and threw them away somewhere leaving the rest that was still attached. Never been painted.
I would not kill the guy or anyone else outside of self defense, but it would not bother me to see him take that big ride to the junkyard in the sky and someone buy the place and bulldoze it. I mean we're talking 180 to 300k houses. It's hard to believe someone has such little -well zero-self respect to live like that.
I don't and won't live in an association neighborhood though as that would actually be worse. Paying people to tell you what you can do with your property. Wowsa. Works for some people I guess.

If it's any consolation, the dandelions aren't as bad situations, but you make an excellent point that it sure doesn't take much to bristle the hair on the back of your neck. I'll bet you'd think twice before offering to do something for those folks.

And we haven't even touched o the wife beaters, sexual predators, and just plain you knows living in your neighborhood.

World peace...
Take any liberal talking point and put it next to the response you'd get from a 5 year old. I'll bet the only difference you'd see would be a slightly more complex vocabulary.

Z said...

Golda Meir once said there could be no peace until Palestinians loved their children more than they hated Jews.
Seems she was right even back then......and now we have Palestinian cartoons instructing children to hate Jews, too.

Obama seems agenda-driven enough to actually BELIEVE that pushing Israel's borders back will make Arabs LOVE JEWS! WHat is he THINKING?

Fredd said...

Kid: Dandelions (cont.)

You say 'I'll bet you'd think twice before offering to do something for those folks.'

Kid, I would not go out of my way to piss on these guys, even if they were on fire.

There's your 'world peace' for you. People will always be people, and 'world peace' has never been at the top of anybody's list, except Obama's and stupid beauty queens.

Fredd said...


Obama doesn't think anything through. He's as dumb as a bag of hammers, and this truth is becoming more evident by every damn stupid policy and proposal he spews.

WomanHonorThyself said...

spot on Fredd`!..this is just his most overt display of his anti American anti semitic belief system..dang is it 2012 yet!

Joe said...

Funny...I have recently begun referring to President BO as "our child president."