Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What do you call 'conservatives' who hate Sara Palin?

That's an easy one. These days, every talking head, every conservative wonk, all of those 'in-the-know' pundits shout to the roof tops one cacophonous message: 'Sara Palin is an idiot.' What do we call these guys, these conservative Sara Palin haters? Blue Bloods. Snobs. Elitists.
Those conservative voices in and around the GOP who detest Sara Palin have lately been described as members of the "Ruling Class." You know them, they have the social pedigrees from old monied families, went to private schools, the folks who were born on third base and truly think they hit triples. And Sara is simply not one of 'us,' they say. More accurately, she is not one of 'them.'
Sara Palin graduated with a communications degree from the University of Idaho (the Vandals), a public school. Oh, the shame. She says 'you betcha.' How uncouth. She can gut a moose. Blue bloods can't even imagine such horror. Accordingly, she is unfit to lead, and more likely an idiot. Charles Krauthammer suggests she is a populist, and George Will opines that in the big picture she isn't an idea candidate.
Not an idea candidate? She coined the phrase 'drill, baby, drill.' I like that idea. A lot. And so do most Americans. She believes in life, and not killing innocent unborn children. Another idea I am fond of. She believes in living within our means, and putting the kaibash to all the untold ridiculous 'bridge to nowhere' spending. Another new idea that has legs.
No ideas? Who are these guys? These blue blood conservatives are simply jealous of Sara Palin's popularity, and are threatened by her potential. How will they look to their Ruling Class counterparts on the left at the inside-the-beltway cocktail party? With a President Palin in the Oval Office, how exactly would that conversation go: 'say, Charles, I hear your girl Palin has opened up ANWR to drilling. You must be so proud.' And of course Charles, who's face has just turned to crimson with shame, simply turns to the servant and barks 'more chardonnay, you, and make it quick. And while you're at it, see if you can dig up some brie, too.'
William F. Buckley, Jr. once quipped "I'd rather be governed by the first 100 names listed in the Boston phone book than by the entire Harvard faculty." I think William F. Buckley, Jr. would be perfectly at ease with the prospect of a President Palin.
She is clearly preferable to another blue blood in the Oval Office. But just not to the blue blooded, snobby brie-eaters among us.


The_Kid said...

Fredd... I love ya man, and I'd take Palin over Oblabber or McLame any day And I know she loves America. But..

No, I don't think she is smart enough to handle the issues at hand. I mainly think she is too damaged to be electable. I think she's perfect where she is. A lightning rod exposing the liberal and liberal media for the adolescent A*s they are on a daily basis.

I won't belabor the point but I have to disagree strongly. If it's her vs oblabber in 2012, she'll get my vote if that's any consolation.

Anonymous said...

She’s over-exposed and dropping in the polls like a boulder. We do live in interesting times.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Fredd, I and you and Rush Limbaugh agree 100%.

That stated I have to say The Kid stole my thunder as I believe EXACTLY with him on just where Palin does the best for our side.

No matter who attacks her be they liberals or RINO's she is heard by all and always right.

Damaged beyond election but always listened to on both sides.

Fredd said...


Not smart enough? Or, in effect, Sara Palin is dumber than Obama? I don't agree.

And in November 2012, I would vote for Dustin Hoffman's 'Rain Man,' if Obama is the other choice. I'm serious.

Fredd said...


It's still a long way to election day, anything can happen. If I were to guess who remains standing, it's Mitt. Remember, he's got the hair thing going for him, and stupid women love that as a presidential consideration.

Fredd said...


Et tu? Already counting Sara Palin out? As my favorite philosopher once quipped, 'it ain't over 'till it's over.' (that would be Yogi Berra, for those of you under 40).

And for those of you really ancient folk out there, remember who said 'you won't have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore' and what happened after that?

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Fredd, I never counted her in the race for 2012. The MSM has accomplished what they set-out to do, damage her elect-ability. In time she may regain what has been lost but not this time around.

As for Nixon, well he had quite the resume' of elected offices under his belt to and including V.P. of the U.S. before election as POTHUS, apples and oranges so-to-speak.

Fredd said...


We all love to speculate.

I have miserably failed regarding my speculation as to who would get the veep nod back in 08. Some weirdo blogger back then really started beating the Sara Palin drum, even before McCain had wrapped up the nomination, and I ridiculed him as a complete idiot.

Then who gets the nod? After all the dust has settled, Sara Palin shows up on the GOP ticket, and egg winds up on whose face?


This time around, I am not writing Sara Palin off, like many of my colleagues. Been dere, done dat.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Fredd, As I allude to, not this time around, there is no way around this. Just as you allude to 'Tricky Dick', he did not strike gold until well after Kennedy which was his first at running for POTUS.

I have stated elswhere maybe that there is not one, repeat not one GOP candidate to this date I could honestly call a conservative let alone not choke out loud and violently should I have to vote for them and here in-lies the problem with the GOP- either weak or damaged candidates!

People such as Rep. Lt. Col. Allen West, Sen. Marco Rubio, Rep. Kristi Noem, Gov. Bobby Jindal,,etc. These are the people the people want!

As said, Palin's time will come.

Dan said...

If she were a democrat these guys wouldn't be saying this; and those who did would be accused of being sexist.

WomanHonorThyself said...

hiya the Buckley quote too..and I agree with u as it least she loves this precious Nation and Lord we need that back!

Fredd said...


Yeah, the ol' double standard is one of the most used clubs in the Democrat golf bag.

If Sara were a Democrat (which is like saying if Jesus were the devil, but work with me here), but if she were a Democrat, the Democrats would be hollering 'don't hit the girl!!' You cads! You meanies!!'

But since she's a Republican, they are throwing everything they can at her, including the kitchen sink.

It's easy being a Democrat: no rules, no ethics, much like the Barbarians back in the dark ages: just keep hacking away willy nilly with your battle ax, hewing body parts off of men, women, children, nuns, and everything else and eventually you get what you want. To hell with the means...

Silverfiddle said...

Add me to the Palin skeptics. I love her, I think she is genuine, and I do not think she is dumb.

I just don't think a half term as governor qualifies one to be president.

We need a rare combination for the next president: A seasoned-veteran with fresh ideas.

Also, her numbers are upside-down, very high negatives, and extremely polarizing. Here message is a sweet song to conservatives, but nails on a chalkboard to the mushy moderates and independents the GOP needs to win.

Having said that, if she gets the GOP nod, I will of course vote for here.

Z said...

I've got to say I'm with Mustang and I think she's over-exposed herself, Fredd.
There WAS no bigger fan than me when she was nominated for McCain's running mate. My arm shot straight into the sky and I hissed "Yessssssss!" I was BEYOND thrilled!
A few months after this last November's wins by so many Tea Party candidates, she gave an interview and she played naive "I don't see WHY the GOP is mad at ME, I'm just a SOCCER MOM, what power do I HAVE?" ..(as IF!!) and then she called them names like "weenies" or something...(very presidential)...after having made hundreds of thousands of dollars stumping all over the country for the guys she got elected, she can say she's just a soccer mom? Who's she kidding?

Then they told her Tina Fey would play her in a movie (imagine how the film will slam her?) and asked how she felt about that, and she said "Anybody can play me, just make sure I have some money to pay for my kid's braces!"

I love that her faith showed so humbly in the early days, I like that she's unapologetically prolife, I love her DRILL, BABY, DRILL mantra...and I think she's been unfairly maligned by the media (Dan is right)...but I think a lot of this has gone to her head and it makes me so sad...
Now she's in Israel practicing her BE EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME mantra.

She's worn ME out; if she can do THAT, she has worn a lot of people out.

HOWEVER!! I, too, would vote for Jack the Ripper over Obama....., so I'd certainly vote for her if it came to it. Which I think it won't.

If she was smart,she'd disappear for a few weeks, get some elocution lessons (lower the voice...and I hear it happening so she may be doing just that already), and regroup.....get a little more polished and stick to her pro American stance and try to appear as humble as she was in the beginning.
This Palin thing showed me a lot; ANYBODY can buy into their fame; it's absolutely intoxicating. I wouldn't have thought it would happen to her.

Also, let me add that I think she IS intelligent, at least as intelligent as Obama is, and it's the media's misrepresenting much of what she's said that's given her that wrong reputation of "not smart enough"....Obama had almost NO experience with foreign ANYTHING (as we're seeing now); one only needs to hire good people, nobody can know a lot about everything.
I also think that criticism when she quit the governorship wasn't fair; she said WHY and they wouldn't buy it, but I really thought she was right when she said she's being so hounded by the press and law suits that she hadn't time to run the government....I stood up for her on that.

Sorry to ramble, this subject's one that I'm passionate about and saddened about...I wish I still felt Palin was my choice. I hope she can worm her way back into my affections and those of the millions of others who might feel like I do.

Fredd said...


Keep the faith. It's early. I felt just like you did upon Palin's ascendancy into the limelight a few years ago. Lots of things can happen between now and election day. Jack the Ripper would indeed have made a better president than our current POTUS. Or even Dustin Hoffman's character 'Rain Man.'

Back in 1999 I really thought Steve Forbes had a shot, after winning the AZ primary. Ah, the good ol' days.

Sara is not stupid. Not by a long shot. Voice lowering lessons go a long way in politics, that and more....

And smiling. Sara has got that down naturally, unlike Newt. He's always smiling, but you can just tell that he is chanting silently to himself every moment he is in front of a camera, 'smile, smile, smile...'