Monday, February 21, 2011

Mooching, freeloading layabouts vs America

You see the mobs, protesting the evil, mean spirited governor of Wisconsin on TV every night. You see the signs, comparing Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wi) to Hitler. He must be evil. He must want babies to die, old people to starve and the working people of Wisconsin to languish in the gutters and perish. That surely must be his intention.
Wrong. Gov. Walker was elected to set the out of control state of Wisconsin's budget right. And that is what he is going to do, regardless of President Obama's best efforts to stymie Gov. Walker's proposals to bring the Wisconsin state budget into balance.
This stand off between layabout, shiftless union thug teachers and the public who pays their salaries is glorious to watch. There is only one of two ways this will end: the union thugs get their way, and the State of Wisconsin continues its drunken sailor wild spending on public union thug pensions and benefits, or the people who pay for them will prevail in cutting them back to sensible levels.
Which will it be? The 'flee-bagger' Democrat state legislators who fled into the bankrupt state of Illinois to stall a vote on this issue think they can force Gov. Walker off his position are simply dead wrong. The governor has stated that he will not budge from the position he has taken as a pledge to the voters of the State of Wisconsin to reign in profligate state spending.
You go, Governor Walker. We are behind you. This showdown is a plebiscite on the state of American politics: do we want unions to shove their desires down our throats, or do we tell them to back off?
I stand with Governor Walker. And most of Americans do, too.


The_Kid said...

What is it about these babies that makes them think they are beyond the effects of the American Economy.

The got the benefits of the boom, now don't want the effects of the bust.

That's just plain bullshit.

And every time they open their mouth or take any action, their case is made weaker. So keep talking babies. Keep talking.

WomanHonorThyself said...

hey there Fredd...I agree ..and the real agents of change in America–principled conservatives, libertarians and Tea Party acttivists–will have to do it all by themselves. the courts do what they want and don't even get me started on the Tyrant in the WH!

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Fredd: Governor Walker is an inspiration to us all, even us north of the border. The mould has already been broken; thanks to the governor of Wisconsin, it has become acceptable to discuss the problem of scum-sucking public sector unions.

Oops, did I say that out loud?

Fredd said...


I don't know how they wound up thinking that their feces doesn't stink. Bad parents?

Or more likely, bad public sector union teachers.

Fredd said...


Me, you, Joe Six Pack and other ordinary folks will have to drag the GOP kicking and screaming into this battle to bring sanity back into our government.

And we won't mention the sack of s**t currently lounging about in the Oval Office.

Fredd said...


We should also give a nod to Gov. Chris Christy of NJ for starting this ball rolling. With the help of the Good Lord Above, these criminal unions will go away.

Fredd said...


We should also give a nod to Gov. Chris Christy of NJ for starting this ball rolling. With the help of the Good Lord Above, these criminal unions will go away.

The_Kid said...

HAHAHA, Hey Fredd, I was just thinking, they were probably taught by the last generation of lousy public schools and teachers. hehe

A self-maintaining organism !

christian soldier said...

By design -take away the ed system -result- people cannot and do not think for themselves-and they can be easily led -down the path of over slavery...

Fredd said...


Chairman Mao eliminated China's old education system also, albeit somewhat differently: he simply killed the educated folk in addition to the old folk who remembered that things weren't always done Mao's way.

Mao figured that this way was much quicker, as he did not have to wait a generation or two to corrupt the current systems.

Of course, Mao's public relations image suffered somewhat as a result(outside of China, that is).