Monday, November 8, 2010

Barack Obama and Michael Jackson: identical twins

Both of these guys are so similar in their histories, it's bordering on weird: they could have been identical twins separated at birth. .
True, Barack Obama is in his forty's, and Michael Jackson died in his early 50's, but that's a minor detail. The rise (and fall) of both of them follow virtually identical paths. I would cite the following facts for your perusal:
* Barack Obama and Michael Jackson both considered the Chicagoland area their home towns. Barack hung around Chicago, and Michael hailed from Gary, Indiana.
* Barack Obama and Michael Jackson both downplayed their race once they achieved widespread popularity. They sought to appeal to a cross section of America and did not want to associate themselves with blacks, despite both being genetically black. Michael's music appealed to a universal audience, and Barack initially appealed to a majority of voters, regardless of race.
* Both Barack Obama and Michael Jackson completely insulated themselves from the public, in as much as neither of them drove anywhere (they were driven), neither of them ever bought anything such as groceries or American Girl dolls for their daughters (others did this for them). Both have lost complete touch with reality and the American people, and have had body guards protect them from even the most remote possible threat from us, The Great Unwashed.
* Barack Obama and Michael Jackson both surrounded themselves with 'yes men,' and strongly rejected suggestions from those to whom they were close that a more prudent public behavior be undertaken to avoid damage to their public images. In Michael Jackson's case, his erratic public behavior included dangling his infant son over a five story high guard rail in his residence, or showing up for a court date in pajamas were just a few of his odd episodes. Efforts to curtail his mounting drug consumption by his family and friends elicited temper tantrums of epic proportions from The Gloved One. Accordingly, no amount of cajoling from his inner circle could temper Michael Jackson's appetites for self destructive behaviors, leading ultimately to his early death.
* With Barack Obama, his chosen cabinet members, czars and advisers all (well, not all, but many) have on occasion suggested that Barack temper his Marxist inclinations and work at least in small part with legislators of different points of view, all to no avail. Barack's intemperance regarding differing points of view, and his bull in a china shop implemented liberal agenda that he clumsily forced down the American people's throats despite cacophonous roars of disapproval from the public has led to his Democrat party's massive losses, and the largest mid term election landslide in 80 years.
* Both Barack Obama and Michael Jackson were at one point in their careers on top of the world. Michael, after his release of his album 'Thriller' in 1982, was more popular world wide than even Elvis Presley was in his hey day. Barack Obama was thought to be a messiah prior to his election and into his first few days of office. Towards the end of his days, Michael Jackson was mostly regarded as a weirdo, or even worse, a pedophile, quite a slide from his lofty popularity a mere twenty years earlier, while Barack Obama's numbers have slid about as much in just under two years in office.
Barack Obama and Michael Jackson: two peas in a pod.


Joe said...

"... no amount of cajoling from his inner circle could temper..."

Oh...I thought you were talking about President BO with that one.

The_Kid said...

Excellent points Fredd.

Here is a great short video showing the progression of MJ's facial metamorphosis

You know, in the tradition of democrat presidents frantically trying to rewrite history in their favor, it will be interesting to see the attempts of obama to do the same.

aynzan said...

Michael still Lives in his supporters hearts..Will it be the same for Obama???

Silverfiddle said...

Um... I don't know. I've never heard Obama sing...

Fredd said...


...I was.

Fredd said...


Yeah, I'll bet by the time Obama has been out of office for 30 plus years like Jimmuh, he'll be regarded as the world's greatest president, ever, just like Jimmuh.

Fredd said...


Surely Obama will still live in his minions' hearts. It's just that those minions will in time shrink to handfuls.

Fredd said...


No, but we saw him dance on 'Ellen'...

WomanHonorThyself said...

hey Fredd..thanks for the vis to WHT~!..I'm a huge MJ fan actually so to tell ya the truth..the comparision stings a tad..but but but...Hussein O is just a true tyrant at heart..a lost cause imho...But fear not ..he's in his hometown Indonesia shmoozing with his Muzlim brethren now..appease appease appease!

Fredd said...


My apologies if the comparison 'stings,' but truth is truth. If I'm lyin', I'm dyin'.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Blessed Veterans day to you.:)

sig94 said...

Whoa, the MJ metamorphosis was megacreepy. Thing is, it took thirty yeats for that to work itself out in MJ. For Obongo, it took only 20 months. Many could see the indications right away.

Fredd said...


Bodyguards: both have (had) them, and once anyone requires bodyguards, they remove themselves from society to a point. I don't assign either as good or bad, it's just a fact.

Race: both M & B downplay their race, just a fact, neither good nor bad.

Barry's rebound?: Keep dreaming, Malcolm.

Appreciate the correction on the release of Thriller, I will verify this and correct it in the post, assuming you are correct that is.

christian soldier said...

which side of the racial DNA code is bho downplaying-the white or the black-
interesting comparison...bho-mj-

tha malcontent said...

Cool comparison,they are/were nuts about themselves.